‘Walt Disney Will Never Be Forgotten’

“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”- Walt Disney 

We all know Walt Disney was an innovator and he has left a legacy which has touch many lives though out the years. His quote about being yourself remains to be true when it comes down to the point of saying that everyone is unique which is true in every sense of the word. 

Disney will be remembered for all the great things he has done. His legacy will continue to be remembered through the test of time. I grew up with Walt Disney. He made a place for people to not only to enjoy but to get inspired and use your imagination. 

 He has created so much in life when he created Disneyland and as much as he didn’t get to see Disney World those who were involved with Walt Disney World made sure that Walt wouldn’t be forgotten. Disney World was supposed to have an apartment for Walt Disney’s family.  Disney has given me the inspiration to do to great things and never give up. 

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
Joseph Campbell


When I first read this quote I thought about how much we plan to do things in our lives. It is always good to think of what your planning on doing for long-term goals however you should live for today and not wish your life away.  We know that things will be still out there for all of us. We can’t just wish our life away. We should live for now versus living for the future.  When we are thinking of all the goals we have in life sometimes we need a break to relax since it could become a tad challenging when you want to have all those come to you right now.  I even planned out my goals in life. I know that things can happen however I haven’t given up. I can say that I will continue to strive for success. I think that success doesn’t just come to you. People work hard for their success in life.

“Quote of the Day”

“Never Left Hard Times get in the way of Success”

There’s time in life where you may feel like the world is coming down around you. I myself have experienced this in my life. I know that my life hasn’t been easy which means that I know life can be a challenge like no other. It may seem like you maybe a lone at times. When you feel like the world is coming down around you… You can always think of those who are your friends and family who know you for you.

I battle with the fact that I want see my success come all at once however I learned that success is gained over time which means that no one can take what you learned and the experiences you had growing up will only make you a stronger person in life. Life can bring you success and then it can always lead you to have struggles as well. The struggles we face is one aspect of life that can help you to be the person you are today which is huge when you think of how much people can talk negatively about you as whole which can happen to anyone at anytime in life.  I tend to think that things happen for a reason and those things that do happen to make you stronger as whole. I am speaking from my experiences in life even though I maybe young. I know that my voice won’t ever be hinder or stopped from speaking my mind on the things I faced as a young woman who has had life experiences that are beyond my years. I can’t say I like the life experiences I had however I knew that I am going to have success that I can only say it was possible due to the challenges I have had through out my 23 years of life.

“Quote of the Day”

“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.”- Marcel Proust

As I read this quote I thought about how we learn more about ourselves after we face stressful times in our lives. No one can take away what we learned in life even if it is something that we wouldn’t have gained otherwise if we weren’t in stressful situations. Everything that happens in your life helps make you into who you are today. I say no one has a right to try to bring you down.

“Quote of The Day”

Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming. – John Wooden

We all strive for success in life.  You can achieve anything in your life. I know there has been times where I felt that I was not able to accomplish anything in my life then I realized that no one should hold me back in my life since I have struggled in my life; I knew that I can get through anything that comes my way.  I never give up on my goals. I know it will take time for me to accomplish my goals however I know it will be so worth it.



Have you ever felt like things are crumbling at your feet? I know I’ve felt like that in my life. There’s times in a person’s life where you can feel like everything you do doesn’t come out right. I began to think to myself things will turn around and the struggles I faced made me into the young woman I’ve became today.  I know my life hasn’t been easy however I know I  won’t allow things to get in my way.

We all have something we are good at in life. Focus on the things that make you happy. If you feel like you are the only person feeling this say; you’re not alone. There’s people in the world who are going through the same thing. You’re never alone. Never forget that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

“Strive for Success”

I strive for success and I look at the flaws I have as something that makes me who I am. I live each day as an adventure of itself. I have had my fair share as struggles. Few years ago I ended up being diagnosed with a serve peanut allergy and everything changed.
I now live for today and I know I can pursue anything I chose to do in my life. There has been times where I had to go to the ER which was very beneficial to me since I could of died to how bad my allergy can be. I am not the type of person who likes seeing people treating me like a charity case.
I grew up very fast after all the struggles I have. I look at everything I have been through as away for me to become a strong young woman and successful in whatever endeavors I want to pursue in life. There is different alternatives out there for people who have peanut allergies. I enjoy eating sun butter it is made with sunflower seeds which I enjoy. There is other peanut substitutes which it is up to the person personal taste.