“Fit Mom was Temporarily Banned on Facebook”

ABC News reported that ‘Fit Mom’ was banned from Facebook due posting a complaint about the positive media coverage about an online group that is encouraging plus size women to post photos up of them in  lingerie thus to show what real women look like. The post was taken down. The post was flagged as hate speech. I can see why people can get offended by the comment that she posted on her Facebook page since there’s women out there that are plus size.

I feel like Facebook did what is best thing to ban her temporarily since she did offend people in the world.  I myself feel like she is entitled to her own opinion however she could’ve kept her opinion to herself. I can admit that I am plus size woman however  I don’t go out of my way to belittle anyone about their flaws. She was wrong for doing it. I give props to Facebook for taking action after she was complaining about the online organization which encourages plus size women to post photos up of themselves in their lingerie.  There has been people online who have been fat shamed online and offline it still hurts especially when women battle health issues.

I can see why those who saw her post flagged it as hate speech.  I do my best to live a healthy lifestyle however their are people in the world who suffer from health issues which hinders them from losing weight. I know how challenging it is to lose weight however I know for a fact I do my best to make sure I am doing my best. Never let anything get in your way.

“AMCPress will Have a New Look Soon”

AMCPress is going have some changes coming soon.  Next Month, there is going to be a change to the web address. We will be announcing the change via the AMCPress Twitter account and also on the pages as well. These changes are going  help you the listeners and the followers out in the long run. There is a small change you will see on the sidebar. AMCPress wants to thank all for those who are supporting us and following us. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for everyone who has been following AMCPress as whole.  We are very appreciative of all the support. Please feel free to share the posts and also spread the word of AMCPress.



“Facebook Created a New Way to Search it is Called Graph Search”

Facebook is giving users a new way of searching for interested that you and your friends may share. I am not sure what to say about this. I think Facebook is now wanting us to see what other friends like however I feel it could be away to learn about your friends however I feel there is a point where you can also use this for numerous ways to stalk people especially if people want to know too much about a person. I feel if your friends with a person they should be the one to talk too and get to know the person and see if you have the same interested. This is only being offered for those who are in the US.

Source: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/technology/2013/01/facebook-announcement-live/61022/

Facebook testing out a new way of messaging people your not friends with. Yes there is a fee.

Have you ever wanted to talk with people on Facebook that you not friends with. You will now have to pay $1 to send a message to a person who you aren’t friends with on Facebook. They will be testing this out. They are trying to hinder spam and any form of harassment. This can also give those who stalk or harass people the ability to email them. This can become a major problem with those who do not want to receive emails from people. This can cause more problems. In my opinion I don’t like receiving emails from people I don’t know. I think Facebook needs to rethink this.

Please Check Out The Ask Sue Show

There is another blog talk show I listen to since I enjoy listening the online radio show. The blog talk radio show’s name is called The Ask Sue Show. I’ve been learning a lot since listening to her show about animal cruelty cases and other subjects as well. If you want to listen in you can search for Ask Sue Show on Facebook and on blog talk radio. If you like to make a difference please listen to her past shows. If you like to share anything dealing with missing kids and persons. Animal cruelty cases and other ways to help animals in need. Please keep in mind her show is a great show and I know I’m learning about other things that come into place with owning a dog which I am a dog owner and I didn’t even know about some of the laws out there. Please check out The Ask Sue Show. I did post before about The Ask Sue Show. You can find the link to her blog talk show on the pervious post. Please help make a difference.

AMCPress update.. Huge news for everyone who reads Amcpress.

I am proud to announce to everyone who is following amcpress that has an official Blog Talk Radio Station.  We are working on scheduling shows and we will be posting them on Facebook  and on blog talk radio.The links will be provide below.