Walt Disney World will be adding a new ride in Epcot’s World’s Showcase which is related to Frozen which is in the Norway pavilion. I guess Disney really wants Frozen to be front in center. The ride that the Frozen ride is taking over Maelstorm which was in the Norway Pavillion. It is projected to open in 2016. I’m not passing any judgements when it comes to this new attraction. 

We know that they’re different series and plays that make an impact on many people in the world last night on the Tony Awards The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Nighttime won 5 awards which brings up a discussion about disabilities and feeling like you are misunderstood. This show is one show that you should see if you haven’t already saw it. 

I feel like the show gives a view into people’s lives who have Autism. I myself have Autism it isn’t anything bad it is a different way of learning. The play gives the audience a view into what the struggles are for people who have the disability. This is one show you should definitely go and see. Simon Stephens adapted the book into a play and it was beautifully done and it shows that anything is possible. This can be a game changer for the entertainment industry. I’m looking at this from the prospective of having a learning disability which I knew from a young age I was different and it’s okay to be different. This show gives so much hope to those in the world who are different and are wanting to be accepted in the world.  

Last night on the Tony’s Alex Sharp speech was beautifully done and so empowering for those who are misunderstood.  This play will bring you into the world of the main character of the play who has Autism. This is one play that will lead to more focus on disabilities especially when there are so many sterotypes out there about disabilities no matter what disability you may have. There’re are so many people out there in the world who feel misunderstood. This play will leave you feeling like you can do anything and all things are possible.  If you haven’t seen The Curious Incident of a Dog in The Night Time please check it out. I highly recommend it. 

We are happy to report that the National Theatre is going planning shows that involves disability issues. This is great news to read especially for AMCPress&Co since we are advocates for the disability community. Disability issues are out there and it is great that there’s going to be shows that the National Theatre will be out there for the public to see. Disability issues aren’t talked enough about and work still needs to be done. It was first reported by BBC News. This makes us happy to see things are changing and the willingness to help focus on issues that aren’t talked about much or at all.  This can shed light on issues that we all face in life.   In the article the boss of the National Theatre Rufus Norris stated in the article he hopes to stage more work that will focus on disability. This to me means that more people are interested in knowing or understanding the disability community at large and what challenges they face as a whole.

The one show that was stated in the article focuses on visible disability which has only one actor who has a visible disability which one orgainzation revealed only one actor has a visible disability which was noted across the theatre sectors within the UK.  The boss of National Theatre Norris was interviewed when he was at Oliver Stage. He is considering whether to introduce more diversity within the organization. Norris then stated “There is a big argument about whether there should be quotas. Across this year we will be testing that to see how desirable it is.” He also spoke about the policy that reflects the UK. He also made mention of terms of gender which is BAME which also includes disabled.  Norris stated this is 2014/15 the National’s BAME on stage figures was unusually high 33% which was driven in part by a show as Behind the Beautiful Forevers and Here Lies Love. He also said his aim was for 20% per any given year.

He also admitted that it was much harder to achieve the same figures in permanent backstage staff.  He also pressed on the issues of the quotas. In the statement he said  “The last thing I’m saying is no. What I want is for this community to represent the country accurately and if that’s the best way of doing it then, yes – why not?”  The Act for Change debate was chaired by  Shami Chakrabarti who is the head of civil rights group Liberty. The panelists included actors  Adrian Lester and Cush Jumbo, director Phyllida Lloyd, critic Mark Lawson, shadow culture secretary Chris Bryant and Jenny Sealey, co­‐director of the 2012 Paralympics Opening Ceremony. The audience included culture minister Ed Vaizey.

Google is helping to address the needs of millions of people who have disabilities. It was reported first by Disability Scoop that Google’s charitable arm is offering up $20 million for nonprofits who are using emergering technologies to help increase independence for those who have disabilities. 

It’s great to see Google doing this. I think more corporations should get on board to what Google has done. I myself would be surprised if Apple gets on board to help nonprofits that focus on disabilities.

 This is progress in the making. This wouldn’t have happened 10 to 20 years ago. What’s your thoughts on Google offering up $20 million to help nonprofits assist people who are in need of assistive technologies? 

Walt Disney World is facing a lawsuit that involves guests with different kinds of challenges to gain other accommodations to better help them during their time at Disney World however Disney made changes to limit what the other accommodations would be with their new system.  Fourteen families have filed to join with those who are currently involved with the federal  lawsuit against Disney.  Previous to the fourteen families joining this lawsuit. The lawsuit had a grand total of 44 families involved in a federal lawsuit against Disney.  Disney accommodations only help a limited group of part of the disabled community.  I feel as a person who has disability more people should come forward and help make sure that no other families have to go through what they went through while on vacation especially when Disney is supposed to be the happiest place on earth.  I feel like this lawsuit might be a game changer especially when I have a disability myself and I wouldn’t want my vacation to be ruined because I wasn’t able to get any accommodations.

I can tell you that the DAS system does have flaws especially not allowing those who have invisible disabilities to gain access to the program that is supposed to help them. I find that Disney has to be aware of all kinds of disabilities  especially when families go to Disney to have fun and not have a bad vacation. I would suggest everyone who has a had an issue like this to look into contacting Disney Corporate especially when you may need to use this program at some point in your life. This is one way to let Disney know that things need to change for the better for the disabled community.

Disability Scoop first reported on this ever growing issue on May 15th.  Disability Scoop also reported that those who are involved in this lawsuit have a 425 page document that were filed this week seeks damages for those who are involved  and modifications to Disney’s disability access policy.  Disability Scoop also reached out the company released a statement to Disability Scoop last Friday which was “We once again believe these claims are without merit.”

Those who grew up with Power Rangers like myself will have to wait to see the new reboot film until 2017 which could either be a good thing or a bad thing since there wasn’t a director attached to the film. I would like to see the reboot since I’ve been a loyal fan and this is one franchise that I can my kids watching it. It’s constantly growing and changing. I think it can be around for a long time.

 I am hoping that the film is going to be done right especially when most reboots could fail and fast. There’s been numerous other sites have wrote about the reboot being pushed back. I would think pushing back the release date is only to better the film as a whole. It would be something if the film does get a higher rating since there’s older fans as well. I would love the film to be darker for the older fans like myself. It isn’t just a kids show especially when it’s been around for 20 years. 

Those who have been to Disney World would know about Tomorrowland which is a vision of what the future could be. Walt Disney had a vision which involved new ways of transportation. This film takes what Walt wanted for the park and used it. The cast looks great. I’m definitely planning on seeing it since it looks interesting and I have been to Disney World three times and it’s  definitely great place to visit. What do you think about Tomorrowland the movie?

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