1990 vs.2000s

1990s  where instant messaging became popular. CD players became a household name . TV shows were entertaining. Gullah Gullah  Island (I wanted a giant toad as a friend that would have been super cool.)(Don’t you think?)And How about that Show out of the box where a  couple of boxes became a huge clubhouse. I did that once yeah it didn’t work it was just boxes.  You see everyone wearing neon colors that came into play in the 1990s cool right I guess your mom back then was wearing neon . The leggings we wear today became super popular back then too.  You remember those funky Jelly shoes that every girl and her friends had a pair.  Star wars Phantom Menace came out.  I hope the new ones are as good as Phantom Menace. Music in the 90s was great. The Backstreet Boys (who I still love to this day and still listening to) became a hit. Britney spears  (before her man troubles) became a mega hit.   2000s is where everything changes. I’m sure everyone has written notes to their friends in school behind the teachers back talking about how cute their crush is and what are they doing friday night.  Well now that is simplified by just punching a few letters on your phone  at least we are saving paper.  Wireless internet was in everyone house instead of reading your email on your desk. You now can read your email in your bed. Wall-phones  became smaller bricks  pagers bye-bye.  DVD replaced video tapes no more broken tapes but be careful you leave a DVD on the floor and you step on it bye-bye DVD. This thing called a floppy disk  was replaced by a stick that lights up  and all the sites that we love and use today started in 2000s like MySpace I wonder if tom dead or still alive god I miss tom.  Box TV’s lost some weight and became smart.  2000 has changed america?

‘Austin St. John’s Latest Video for Tree City Comic Con’

Austin St. John has released a new video for Tree City Comic Con. He’ll be attending the convention this coming weekend. If you’ve been a fan of Power Rangers you’ll remember Austin St. John as Jason Scott. Definitely check out this new video.

“Learning More About ADHD”

We’re always learning about different learning disorders. There’s always room to learn about disabilities as a whole. Here’s some facts about ADHD you might be surprised by. These facts can surprise you when it comes to not being  aware of who can be effected as a whole. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 7 years old however the doctor was wrong with the diagnosis.

Did you know that men are almost three times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD verses women. 12.9% of men will be diagnosed in our lifetime. Women are 4.9% will be diagnosed in our lifetime. I’m sure you aren’t aware of the average age that kids are diagnosed with ADHD is 7 years old. There’s a common misunderstanding that people think it’s a childhood disorder which isn’t the case. Adults can be diagnosed with ADHD too.

The symptoms typically first appears when a child is there to 6 years old. 6.1% of Americans are being treated for ADHD with medication. There has been a 42% increase in ADHD diagnoses in the past 8 years. We here at AMCPress was contacted by a group that wanted us to share this new information which relates to ADHD. These facts were provided by healthline.com.

When it comes to statistics I think it does mean something however when it comes to those who are effected by any disabilities don’t wear it on their sleeve because it doesn’t make the person or the group of people who they are. That’s my own opinion especially when I have a disability I don’t like being stereotyped by the numbers. The statistics do mean something when it comes doctors and other professionals. When it comes to advocacy work I look at those who are effected because of who is effected and who has a voice and who needs a voice. Advocacy work that relates to disability awareness which means speaking up for those who may not have the ability to advocate for themselves. When advocating for disabilities in general I want to show those who could be unaware of situations that can effect those who have disabilities of all kinds. I myself take this work very serious when it comes to advocating for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. This is something I have been along before I even knew that I was advocating for myself with my own disability.

‘The Top 10 Places to See in NYC’


If you haven’t been to New York City here’s some places we recommend you check out.

1: The Redhead which has been featured on Diners,Drives, and Dives. They have amazing food. Chef Ben really has a great menu.


2: Beautiful- The Carole King Musical which is an amazing musical. Definitely something to see.

3: It’s Only A Play is another amazing Broadway show to see. The cast is amazing. If you are a fan of Rupert Grint see him while you can on Broadway.

4: Shake Shack- Definitely has great burgers and is so worth it.

5: New York Comic Con is a great convention for all those who love all things that are geekery.

6: Strand is a great book store where you can find rare books that you wouldn’t nessacarily find at your local book stores.

7: Drama Bookshop is a book store where you can find books that relates to film, and Theater.

8: Little Italy is a great place to see in New York City. If you haven’t been in Little Italy definitely worth checking out.

9: Soho is a great area to be in . You’ll. get the chance to see all the trendy shops.

10: The Roger Smith Hotel is a great hotel. You’ll definitely have a great experience. The staff is amazing. The rooms are amazing and it gives you a bed and breakfast feel however the hotel gives the guests the best experience possible while you’re stay in New York City.

“Teenage Girls are Now Joining Isis”

We all know that teenage girls love to have fantasize over the class celebrity.. How about having your teenage girls fantasizing over the cold blooded killers like those who are committing crimes overseas which was first reported by Gawker.com. Teenage girls have been trying to join Isis. This is something that I never would have expected. Which is quite scary if you wouldn’t believe it or not. This is something that makes me think what is the world coming too. This questions the aspects that teenage girls like to fall head over heels for people they like.