‘Disney Disability Lawsuit Continues To Grow’

Walt Disney World is facing a lawsuit that involves guests with different kinds of challenges to gain other accommodations to better help them during their time at Disney World however Disney made changes to limit what the other accommodations would be with their new system.  Fourteen families have filed to join with those who are currently involved with the federal  lawsuit against Disney.  Previous to the fourteen families joining this lawsuit. The lawsuit had a grand total of 44 families involved in a federal lawsuit against Disney.  Disney accommodations only help a limited group of part of the disabled community.  I feel as a person who has disability more people should come forward and help make sure that no other families have to go through what they went through while on vacation especially when Disney is supposed to be the happiest place on earth.  I feel like this lawsuit might be a game changer especially when I have a disability myself and I wouldn’t want my vacation to be ruined because I wasn’t able to get any accommodations.

I can tell you that the DAS system does have flaws especially not allowing those who have invisible disabilities to gain access to the program that is supposed to help them. I find that Disney has to be aware of all kinds of disabilities  especially when families go to Disney to have fun and not have a bad vacation. I would suggest everyone who has a had an issue like this to look into contacting Disney Corporate especially when you may need to use this program at some point in your life. This is one way to let Disney know that things need to change for the better for the disabled community.

Disability Scoop first reported on this ever growing issue on May 15th.  Disability Scoop also reported that those who are involved in this lawsuit have a 425 page document that were filed this week seeks damages for those who are involved  and modifications to Disney’s disability access policy.  Disability Scoop also reached out the company released a statement to Disability Scoop last Friday which was “We once again believe these claims are without merit.”

‘The Power Rangers Reboot Film is pushed back Until 2017′

Those who grew up with Power Rangers like myself will have to wait to see the new reboot film until 2017 which could either be a good thing or a bad thing since there wasn’t a director attached to the film. I would like to see the reboot since I’ve been a loyal fan and this is one franchise that I can my kids watching it. It’s constantly growing and changing. I think it can be around for a long time.

 I am hoping that the film is going to be done right especially when most reboots could fail and fast. There’s been numerous other sites have wrote about the reboot being pushed back. I would think pushing back the release date is only to better the film as a whole. It would be something if the film does get a higher rating since there’s older fans as well. I would love the film to be darker for the older fans like myself. It isn’t just a kids show especially when it’s been around for 20 years. 

‘Tomorrowland Offical Trailer”

Those who have been to Disney World would know about Tomorrowland which is a vision of what the future could be. Walt Disney had a vision which involved new ways of transportation. This film takes what Walt wanted for the park and used it. The cast looks great. I’m definitely planning on seeing it since it looks interesting and I have been to Disney World three times and it’s  definitely great place to visit. What do you think about Tomorrowland the movie?

“Disney World Changes”

Disney World has some changes coming to their DAS systems that helps people with disabilities which does have pros and cons to their system that is designed to help people who have disabilities however it is flawed because they have select disabilities that can use this system which isn’t fair to those who don’t have those select conditions. 

This change is to only make the DAS card digital which is good however their system is very flawed. When it comes to this change can make more difficult to get this card to help you or any family members any help when it comes to waiting in lines. Disney got rid of line jumping which is understandable. When it comes to giving people this card to use while they are in Disney World could make getting this card on their magic bands since Disney could make it a challenge.  

I believe they should update their system so people can get more fast passes instead of just 3 prior to going to the parks.  They cause themselves to get more accessibility when it comes to providing more access to fast passes and recognizing other disabilities to use this system. What’s your opinion on this? This story was first reported by Disability Scoop. 

    ‘Norway Pavilion Fail’

    We all at least have been to Disney World in your life time if not that’s okay. We all have great time while on vacation at Disney World. I myself had a bad experience when I was on vacation this last time in Disney World due a waitress who didn’t like that I have a disability and a peanut allergy which is always concern for me when I go to eat different places. I myself felt very uncomfortable when I was there with my significant other due to the fact she thought we were annoying since we were asking questions about what they serve at the restaurant in Epcot which is based in the Norway pavilion. I have been to Disney twice before this and I haven’t had a bad experience other than this. I didn’t let the waitress’s behavior effect our time.  

    When having food allergies there’s a point where waiters and waitresses should at least be understanding to the needs of those who are going to the establishment. This issue could lead more families to not go there especially if the wait staff doesn’t understand the needs to those who go to Disney World at any point in time. The situation that I experienced is considered discrimination because I not only have Asperger’s Syndrome and a peanut allergy. I don’t play the disability card. I myself advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. 

    The peanut allergy if not addressed can cause death. If a waitress doesn’t understand that I was concerned and asking for suggestions for my meal that’s something that I wanted to enjoy my experience at Disney World which was unfortunately ruined on that night. For those who don’t understand peanut allergies you can’t catch them nor is it something that anyone can die from with the expection of the person who has the allergy would effected by potential death or going to a hospital. 

    Don’t be afraid to let anyone know at any restaurant that you may have a food allergies since it’s something that needs to be known. If you don’t let anyone know it won’t be a good situation those have kids it’s a given that you are letting the severs know that you child has an allergy. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to restaurants to make it easier for families that kids with food allergies along with those adults to have food allergies too. 

    ‘Walt Disney Will Never Be Forgotten’

    “The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”- Walt Disney 

    We all know Walt Disney was an innovator and he has left a legacy which has touch many lives though out the years. His quote about being yourself remains to be true when it comes down to the point of saying that everyone is unique which is true in every sense of the word. 

    Disney will be remembered for all the great things he has done. His legacy will continue to be remembered through the test of time. I grew up with Walt Disney. He made a place for people to not only to enjoy but to get inspired and use your imagination. 

     He has created so much in life when he created Disneyland and as much as he didn’t get to see Disney World those who were involved with Walt Disney World made sure that Walt wouldn’t be forgotten. Disney World was supposed to have an apartment for Walt Disney’s family.  Disney has given me the inspiration to do to great things and never give up.