“A Failing System”

We can all be successful in life it’s just a lot harder when people with disabilities are put into a system that is supposed to help them get Jobs and live productive lives. There’s so many sterotypes out there with disabilities which is quite sad. We can’t also forget that places that there’s still discrimination of people with disabilities which still happens as much there’s things in place to help people with disabilities get employment. Yes, there can be other factors that comes in when people are looking for jobs. When it comes to people with disabilities it isn’t easy for them to get work because of their work history and companies may not want to give them a chance to work which isn’t easy when we want to work and make money and live productive lives. The agencies that are out there don’t see what the clients with disabilities want either especially when becoming business owners is meant to help this group of people live productive lives. I myself have faced struggles when it comes wanting the agencies that are helping me get a job but my love is working full time and being an advocate through AMCPress & Co. I feel that the groups out there are meant to help people who have disabilities but they under-estimate people with disabilities which is very sad. We can all be success and people need to give people a chance. Everyone has the ability to live successful lives. Yes, there has been some major changes when it comes to people with disabilities like the ABLE Act which is a great start there needs to be more changes. People with disabilities can’t afford to losing their SSDI or SSI because of the government can’t vote. That’s quite sad that they have lives in their hands. We can’t stand by and let the government have our lives in our hands. Contact your congressmen and women and your state representatives because if you or your families will allow the government officials to have your daily lives in their hands which won’t be good. 

“Learning More About ADHD”

We’re always learning about different learning disorders. There’s always room to learn about disabilities as a whole. Here’s some facts about ADHD you might be surprised by. These facts can surprise you when it comes to not being  aware of who can be effected as a whole. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 7 years old however the doctor was wrong with the diagnosis.

Did you know that men are almost three times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD verses women. 12.9% of men will be diagnosed in our lifetime. Women are 4.9% will be diagnosed in our lifetime. I’m sure you aren’t aware of the average age that kids are diagnosed with ADHD is 7 years old. There’s a common misunderstanding that people think it’s a childhood disorder which isn’t the case. Adults can be diagnosed with ADHD too.

The symptoms typically first appears when a child is there to 6 years old. 6.1% of Americans are being treated for ADHD with medication. There has been a 42% increase in ADHD diagnoses in the past 8 years. We here at AMCPress was contacted by a group that wanted us to share this new information which relates to ADHD. These facts were provided by healthline.com.

When it comes to statistics I think it does mean something however when it comes to those who are effected by any disabilities don’t wear it on their sleeve because it doesn’t make the person or the group of people who they are. That’s my own opinion especially when I have a disability I don’t like being stereotyped by the numbers. The statistics do mean something when it comes doctors and other professionals. When it comes to advocacy work I look at those who are effected because of who is effected and who has a voice and who needs a voice. Advocacy work that relates to disability awareness which means speaking up for those who may not have the ability to advocate for themselves. When advocating for disabilities in general I want to show those who could be unaware of situations that can effect those who have disabilities of all kinds. I myself take this work very serious when it comes to advocating for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. This is something I have been along before I even knew that I was advocating for myself with my own disability.

“Who Deserves The Real Credit?

I started to think about what it means to be an advocate for those who can’t speak up for themselves or try provide sort of service for those who can’t do for themselves. We all know there are many different kinds of advocates. I myself am an advocate for people with disabilities. Advocates can do many different things like provide information & other services.

When I think of advocates that provide services to clients. I feel like they have to keep those clients informed throughout there time being an advocate for their clientele. When they fail to meet the standards that they know they should meet. You shouldn’t just wait until things are too late. Here’s a hypothetical question for you. What would you do if you found on an organization that is supposed to be an advocacy group on Yelp? I would like to know your opinion on this. I know I would definitely question the non-profit groups integrity.

When you think of Yelp it is for finding restaurant reviews, finding different places to shop, & finding out about different activities. Yelp isn’t a place you would see any organizations that are associated to the mental health field. I can understand why they maybe on there however it isn’t a place that people would just search up the organizations in question.

Yes, I’m open about me having a learning disability. I know that people in life have ups and downs in some way, shape or form. Those who have disabilities shouldn’t be looked at as lost cause. I grew up knowing that people who think that those who have some sort of disability are different and unique. It doesn’t mean that people should put them down. I myself look at organizations that help people with disabilities are good however those who maybe involve with organizations should have the right to be looked at a person and need the right to stand up for themselves. If the clients want to say move on with their lives they need that right to move forward. It isn’t like they deserve to be treated like they are something they are not. I know there are organizations out there that do a great job with their clients and those organizations really deserve the real praise. I can say for a fact that the organizations that don’t do for their clients really should be closely monitored by a higher being.

I consider myself as an advocate. I tend to speak out about issues that affect people who have disabilities. I also take into consideration that people are different when it comes to the challenges they have in their life. I say the persons family should try to be involved in their kids life and no matter what ages your kids are be involved in some aspect of their lives.

“Disability News out of India”

New disability bill in India will help raise to help to end discrimination in India. This is huge news for those who have disabilities in India. I hope this new bill will help those who have disabilities since I can see the bill being grounds for change.

(Article Credit: http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2014/feb/27/india-disabilities-bill-end-discrimination)

“Equality for All”

Illinois Governor is officially is signing a same sex marriage bill into place which supports equality.  Illinois is officially joining the currently recognize marriage equality. I am currently watching ABC News live stream that is going on right now.  AMCPress stands by equality as a whole. I am thrilled that Illinois is has officially signed a bill into place that supports equality as a whole. This news is makes me so happy. I hope more states sign bills into place that will support equality.  I for one being from Pennsylvania I really want to see Pennsylvania be the next state to sign a marriage equality bill into place. I think it is time for those who are in congress to move forward with the times and make the changes to go with the times we are in.  

“Amy Robach is an Inspiration”

It was reported on ABC News’ Amy Robach revealed today on Good Morning America that she was diagnosed with breast cancer after she had her first mammogram on live on GMA. In the article it stated that she had breast cancer hours later. It was also reported that she will be undergoing double  mastectomy and then reconstructive surgery.  We here at AMCPress wishes Amy Robach a speedy recovery. She will be inspiring both men and women to get mammograms and get the help they need.

(Article Credit: ABC News)