“Power Rangers Dino Charge Episode One Review”

It was just a week ago Power Rangers Dino Charge aired. It was awesome to see that they didn’t use any footage from Japan. The episode had the character Shelby, Koda, Riley, & Tyler were the focus in this episode however the character Kendall Morgan did make an appearance in the episode however she didn’t get her powers yet. This was an introduction to the new Power Rangers. Keeper is a cool looking character it reminds me of ET.  I can that the focus is on Shelby. I can see Dino Charge really doing a great job with character building. 

Beauty of being Unique

We’re all unique in so many different ways. We all have something that makes us different which is great. We all bring something new table which is the best. It doesn’t matter what skill you have everyone can do great things in life. Vince Lombardi said “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” I agree with his quote since perfection isn’t attainable however we do chase perfection and we do achieve excellence while chasing perfection. This quote can also relate to what we bring to the table because we are all unique.

“Into The Woods Review”

I recently just saw Into The Woods. The film was awesome to see. Yes, they slowed some of the musical numbers down. I overall enjoyed the film. I would definitely pick up the soundtrack to the film. It’s one film that I enjoyed not because of the cast. Anna Kendrick did a great job with her role along with the whole cast. I think it is definitely worth seeing even if you didn’t see it on stage.

“What a Year it has Been”

The ABLE Act has passed and signed into law which is awesome for everyone in the United States whom has some form of disability. This new law will help those save money for gaining independence. There will be more news to come in time. There’s really been some interesting things happen during 2014. 2014 is almost over and has been filled with interesting news stories which have left everyone talking about the current events
We will have so much more to come in 2015. There’s been so many great thing we have managed to cover during this year. We made the year the best year it can be.

“Holiday Struggles”

The holiday season is a great time of year. It can also be a challenge for some people out there. Seasonal depression is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder which could effect those whom are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder in winter and fall months. The people who are diagnosed with this disorder monitor how they feel during the day. The holiday season could be a challenge even if you don’t have seasonal depression when thinking about people who you are missing during this time of year. I know I do miss family members who have been apart of my life. We all miss people who are near and dear to our hearts. When you may feel down always know your never really alone. There’s always someone whom are there for you.

‘Austin St. John’s Latest Video for Tree City Comic Con’

Austin St. John has released a new video for Tree City Comic Con. He’ll be attending the convention this coming weekend. If you’ve been a fan of Power Rangers you’ll remember Austin St. John as Jason Scott. Definitely check out this new video.