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We will be talking about WWE review and other topics. We will be reviewing Monday Night Raw and talking about other topics that have were on the news. Come and join us while we discuss WWE and other interesting topics. Please don’t forget to listen in.


“Singer Adele is Having Legal Trouble”

Adele is facing fine since she failed to register her baby with the British government. She will have to pay a fine of £1,000 which equals $1,606 USD in US Dollars.  All births have to be registered with the British government the documents contain the parents names, sex of the baby, parent’s address, the place of birth, and their jobs.  If I was in her position I would of filled the documents out.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/10/adele-baby-fine-singer-failing-register-baby-british-government_n_2272365.html


Music now a days is just bad because they let the auto tune do all the work now a days.Back in the day artist used there own voices and instruments. Back in the 80’s and 90’s artist used their voices and instruments to write songs, and they relied on there musical past for inspirations. Now music has changed alot with auto tune but so me artist now a days go back and listen to music from the past and that’s were they get there inspirations from.


Friendships are great to have no matter what happens friends are always there to pick you back up no matter what. Friends are like family there always for you no matter what happens friends are great in there own way. That’s why you have to keep the foundation with your friends really strong no matter what happens in the long run your friends are always there.