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Bring it OnWith Jeremy’s death in her rearview mirror, a humanity-free Elena stepped back into her old cheerleader outfit in Thursday’s Vampire Diaries and not only went to town on the helpless competition, she almost killed one of her friends!

PHOTOS |Vampire Diaries: Damon Remembers His Hard-Partying, 1970s New York City Ways

GIMME A ‘B’ FOR BLOOD | Elena’s new life begins with Stefan and Caroline deciding a return to school is a good idea. Damon tells her to study and not eat anyone, but from her slightly bemused look, it’s clear that the sire bond no longer works now that she doesn’t feel anything. Elena gets herself back on the cheerleading squad so she can feast on the vervain-free competition. Caroline catches on to what she’s doing and confronts her. Then, in the first sign that we’re truly seeing a new Elena, she lets Caroline fall to the floor during the…

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