“Who Deserves The Real Credit?

I started to think about what it means to be an advocate for those who can’t speak up for themselves or try provide sort of service for those who can’t do for themselves. We all know there are many different kinds of advocates. I myself am an advocate for people with disabilities. Advocates can do many different things like provide information & other services.

When I think of advocates that provide services to clients. I feel like they have to keep those clients informed throughout there time being an advocate for their clientele. When they fail to meet the standards that they know they should meet. You shouldn’t just wait until things are too late. Here’s a hypothetical question for you. What would you do if you found on an organization that is supposed to be an advocacy group on Yelp? I would like to know your opinion on this. I know I would definitely question the non-profit groups integrity.

When you think of Yelp it is for finding restaurant reviews, finding different places to shop, & finding out about different activities. Yelp isn’t a place you would see any organizations that are associated to the mental health field. I can understand why they maybe on there however it isn’t a place that people would just search up the organizations in question.

Yes, I’m open about me having a learning disability. I know that people in life have ups and downs in some way, shape or form. Those who have disabilities shouldn’t be looked at as lost cause. I grew up knowing that people who think that those who have some sort of disability are different and unique. It doesn’t mean that people should put them down. I myself look at organizations that help people with disabilities are good however those who maybe involve with organizations should have the right to be looked at a person and need the right to stand up for themselves. If the clients want to say move on with their lives they need that right to move forward. It isn’t like they deserve to be treated like they are something they are not. I know there are organizations out there that do a great job with their clients and those organizations really deserve the real praise. I can say for a fact that the organizations that don’t do for their clients really should be closely monitored by a higher being.

I consider myself as an advocate. I tend to speak out about issues that affect people who have disabilities. I also take into consideration that people are different when it comes to the challenges they have in their life. I say the persons family should try to be involved in their kids life and no matter what ages your kids are be involved in some aspect of their lives.

“Disability News out of India”

New disability bill in India will help raise to help to end discrimination in India. This is huge news for those who have disabilities in India. I hope this new bill will help those who have disabilities since I can see the bill being grounds for change.

(Article Credit: http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2014/feb/27/india-disabilities-bill-end-discrimination)

Never Give up and Don’t let your Struggles get in Your Way

Has there ever been times in your life where you wonder where you’re going in life. That’s what I am currently going through at the moment. There are times in my life where I feel confused about  where I am going in life.  I have faced my fair share of struggles in my life. I have wished that I was normal for quite a while now.  I have been battling depression for years now. I myself feel like more should be done with shedding light on depression as a whole. I feel that there is always hope with no matter how you are feeling. I know that I am only one person.  My family has been a huge inspiration to me in so many ways. I know that I can do whatever I can do anything in my life no matter who says otherwise. The only person who would get in the way is me.  Never give up and don’t let your struggles get in your way of doing what you love to do in life.

AMCPress isn’t afraid of discussing topics that aren’t discussed a lot in mainstream media. Depression is something that is rarely discussed. It seems like it is a taboo topic to discuss. What’s your opinion?

Do you believe you were a victim of a catfish?

Do you believe you were a victim of catfish? I believe I was a victim a person saying they wanted to be in an online relationship. The person is a nice guy however there is been times he made mention of me traveling to meet him. I’ve been friends with him since I was 18 years old. We have spoke a marriage among other things.  I know I can’t be with anyone until I meet the person. There is times where I feel down since I am not a Victoria Secrets model. Most guys really don’t find me to be interesting and I am not the type of person that guys are interested in. Yes, I am a free spirit. It is hard for me to have relationships since I am unique. It is really hard to find love. I look at what has happened to me as a learning experience.  This person got to know me and I think times change maybe it isn’t meant to be.

Don’t Feel Alone; We all Have Struggles

Don’t feel alone; we all have struggles in life. We aren’t perfect however we do our best in life. We will always grow and change no matter when it would be. People may demand change from people it is up to the person to change.

We all have struggles if we didn’t face struggles in life we wouldn’t be able to grow and learn. There is always elements that think you should change or do what they think you should do in your life. You know what is best for you. Don’t let anything get in your way when it comes to those who are telling you what is best for you. I’ve had times in my life that were worse than other times in my life. I’ve became stronger when people started to see for who I am. There is times in my life where I question myself and I know it’s normal. There is people who know me for me and understand my struggles. I know I am wanting to AMCPress bigger and better than ever. Everyone has a story to tell and can help make a difference. We can make a difference in people’s lives no matter how big or how small it can be.

Customers Called “fat girls” on bill

The dinner bill for three friends didn’t have amount on the bill instead on top of the receipt was “fat girls”. One person asked why is does the receipt say “fat girls”? One of the customers. In my opinion I think it is just wrong for anyone to write on a bill. I’ve ate different places I wouldn’t appreciate someone wrote something on a receipt of mine.