“Who Deserves The Real Credit?

I started to think about what it means to be an advocate for those who can’t speak up for themselves or try provide sort of service for those who can’t do for themselves. We all know there are many different kinds of advocates. I myself am an advocate for people with disabilities. Advocates can do many different things like provide information & other services.

When I think of advocates that provide services to clients. I feel like they have to keep those clients informed throughout there time being an advocate for their clientele. When they fail to meet the standards that they know they should meet. You shouldn’t just wait until things are too late. Here’s a hypothetical question for you. What would you do if you found on an organization that is supposed to be an advocacy group on Yelp? I would like to know your opinion on this. I know I would definitely question the non-profit groups integrity.

When you think of Yelp it is for finding restaurant reviews, finding different places to shop, & finding out about different activities. Yelp isn’t a place you would see any organizations that are associated to the mental health field. I can understand why they maybe on there however it isn’t a place that people would just search up the organizations in question.

Yes, I’m open about me having a learning disability. I know that people in life have ups and downs in some way, shape or form. Those who have disabilities shouldn’t be looked at as lost cause. I grew up knowing that people who think that those who have some sort of disability are different and unique. It doesn’t mean that people should put them down. I myself look at organizations that help people with disabilities are good however those who maybe involve with organizations should have the right to be looked at a person and need the right to stand up for themselves. If the clients want to say move on with their lives they need that right to move forward. It isn’t like they deserve to be treated like they are something they are not. I know there are organizations out there that do a great job with their clients and those organizations really deserve the real praise. I can say for a fact that the organizations that don’t do for their clients really should be closely monitored by a higher being.

I consider myself as an advocate. I tend to speak out about issues that affect people who have disabilities. I also take into consideration that people are different when it comes to the challenges they have in their life. I say the persons family should try to be involved in their kids life and no matter what ages your kids are be involved in some aspect of their lives.

“Never be Afraid to Speak up”

There’s different times in your life where you can face challenges. I myself look at all the challenges I’ve faced with an open mind. Growing up with a learning disability wasn’t easy. I also learned that depression and anxiety is associated with my learning disability (Asperger’s Syndrome) it didn’t make my life easy when I went to public school.
As I grew I knew that I know what is best for me. I learned that I had to start speaking up when it came to certain situations in my life. I knew that some doctors out there would be looking out for themselves. I started asking questions about different things.
I also learned to stand up for myself even if others didn’t like what I had to say. I learned that there was few good organizations out there that are out there. There is some organizations

LemonSweetie – Sir Patrick Stewart and Abuse towards women

LemonSweetie’s Patrick Stewart Experience.

This is the type of thing that makes me proud to be a Star Trek Fan, and makes me proud to say that Sir Patrick Stewart deserves the Unofficial AMCPress Award for Male Integrity. This man has guts and the things he says that happened to him brought a tear to my eye

“Never Give up”

There is times where you hit a crossroads in life it doesn’t matter if you do have a disability or not. We all strive for success and there is times where you feel like things are getting in your way. You aren’t alone with feeling this way. You may want to give up on the things you are working on. I myself have Asperger’s Syndrome and I won’t allow anything to get in my way. I feel like we can’t give up on the goals we have since we have the ability to succeed in life. It doesn’t matter if you are disabled or not; everyone has challenges in life.

Find the Strength in You

There is times we may feel down in life. You aren’t alone with feeling down. You can get through it sometimes you may not see the potential you have in life. I have days where I feel down about myself. When I feel down I think of how much I accomplished in my life. I think of those who read AMCPress and those who follow AMCPress. You can make a difference in others lives.

Do you believe you were a victim of a catfish?

Do you believe you were a victim of catfish? I believe I was a victim a person saying they wanted to be in an online relationship. The person is a nice guy however there is been times he made mention of me traveling to meet him. I’ve been friends with him since I was 18 years old. We have spoke a marriage among other things.  I know I can’t be with anyone until I meet the person. There is times where I feel down since I am not a Victoria Secrets model. Most guys really don’t find me to be interesting and I am not the type of person that guys are interested in. Yes, I am a free spirit. It is hard for me to have relationships since I am unique. It is really hard to find love. I look at what has happened to me as a learning experience.  This person got to know me and I think times change maybe it isn’t meant to be.

“Don’t forget to listen to AMCPress Live”

20121128-132359.jpgRight now we are live and we are discussing different topics that you may want to listen to this episode. We did discuss how a tabloid reporter in the UK has stated that video games cause cancer. We also discussed how Robin Roberts is coming back to GMA. We are now discussing how the FDA now approved computer microchips in humans. We are also discussing what risks would you have will have with putting a micro chip in your body. They can access all your inform from this chip in your body. I highly recommend you listen to this episode. Yes, they can help make doctors out however they can be used for hackers and also is a huge privacy issues.   We are discussing other tech issues. We also made mention of a Torchwood alum is going to appearing on ABC’s Revenge as a villain. We also did mention David Tennant will be coming back to Doctor Who for a special. Toku takes tech issues very serious. He is concerned for what can happen with new technologies coming into play.  He wants to help others out especially with internet safety.