‘Austin St. John’s Latest Video for Tree City Comic Con’

Austin St. John has released a new video for Tree City Comic Con. He’ll be attending the convention this coming weekend. If you’ve been a fan of Power Rangers you’ll remember Austin St. John as Jason Scott. Definitely check out this new video.


‘The Top 10 Places to See in NYC’


If you haven’t been to New York City here’s some places we recommend you check out.

1: The Redhead which has been featured on Diners,Drives, and Dives. They have amazing food. Chef Ben really has a great menu.


2: Beautiful- The Carole King Musical which is an amazing musical. Definitely something to see.

3: It’s Only A Play is another amazing Broadway show to see. The cast is amazing. If you are a fan of Rupert Grint see him while you can on Broadway.

4: Shake Shack- Definitely has great burgers and is so worth it.

5: New York Comic Con is a great convention for all those who love all things that are geekery.

6: Strand is a great book store where you can find rare books that you wouldn’t nessacarily find at your local book stores.

7: Drama Bookshop is a book store where you can find books that relates to film, and Theater.

8: Little Italy is a great place to see in New York City. If you haven’t been in Little Italy definitely worth checking out.

9: Soho is a great area to be in . You’ll. get the chance to see all the trendy shops.

10: The Roger Smith Hotel is a great hotel. You’ll definitely have a great experience. The staff is amazing. The rooms are amazing and it gives you a bed and breakfast feel however the hotel gives the guests the best experience possible while you’re stay in New York City.

“Teenage Girls are Now Joining Isis”

We all know that teenage girls love to have fantasize over the class celebrity.. How about having your teenage girls fantasizing over the cold blooded killers like those who are committing crimes overseas which was first reported by Gawker.com. Teenage girls have been trying to join Isis. This is something that I never would have expected. Which is quite scary if you wouldn’t believe it or not. This is something that makes me think what is the world coming too. This questions the aspects that teenage girls like to fall head over heels for people they like.

“Rest in Peace Joan Rivers”

Today, Joan Rivers has passed away after complications with an outpatient surgery. She will always be remembered for opening doors for female comics and all her other projects she was involved in. She was an inspiration to all those who are emerging comics. She’s going to be missed and never forgotten for all she’s done.

Last night I watched one of her documentaries that’s on Netflix and I couldn’t stop watching it. If you haven’t watched her documentaries and read her books check them out.